We have some incredible servant leaders at PBC. One of them is Dana Jeyakumar, who is one of our Worship Leaders. Get to know some of her story and say Hi when you see her!
Where are you from?
I was born right here in Arizona, raised in the west valley and transferred to the east valley for college. You can always spot a native when they’re wearing jeans in 110° heat. My dad is from Vietnam and my mom is from South Korea. They met here in Phoenix where they raised my brother and I.
What brought you to AZ?
I didn’t really have much of a choice in deciding where I was born…but I did live in upstate NY for a period after college and all the gloomy clouds, rain & brutally honest people changed my perspective on sunny Arizona. Now that I’m back, I never take the sun for granted!
Tell us about your family?
My husband, Samson, and I met, became best friends and fell in love at PBC. He would always offer to carry my keyboard to and from my car, and being the independent woman I thought I was, I always refused. Eventually, he didn’t bother to ask anymore and carried my equipment anyways, and we’ve been inseparable since! We also have 2 dwarf rabbits named Duke & Rosie that love attention and head scratches.
What do you like to do for fun?
I love to cook and check out new coffee shops & restaurants around the valley. I hate using recipes and often just throw dishes together from random things in our fridge. Luckily, Samson is not a very picky eater! I also enjoy crocheting and going on road or day trips to random towns near Phoenix.
What is your favorite part of your work at church?
When I see and hear the congregation worshiping without any inhibitions, I know that the Holy Spirit is trampling on the enemy’s attempt at capturing people’s hearts. In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat appoints men to stand at the front lines and sing praises of God’s splendor and holiness. God sets ambush against the enemies who end up destroying each other in confusion. I’m always reminded of this verse every time I have the privilege of being on stage because I know that God is using our worship and praise to crush the enemy.

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