There’s no flawless formula, but by God’s grace there are a few key leadership principles that I’ve experienced and observed in the church that have been helpful to me personally, and I think will help you as well.

Here are 3:

1) Leading with Vision

A leader must help people see not only what is now, but what could be in the future. In other words, don’t get stuck on a lack of existing gifts or resources, but instead think prayerfully and creatively about possibilities. Think about the people closest to you, “How can I encourage and draw out this person’s strengths?” “What gifts or resources just need to be stretched, challenged, or multiplied?” “What’s a simple next step I can help them take?” This could happen in a simple affirmation or encouragement in the church lobby, a conversation over coffee, or a weekly discipleship relationship. When people catch vision they begin to think bigger, pray courageously, and step out in faith.

2) Leading with Passion

If you don’t believe what you’re saying, no one will. This is such an important truth that we sometimes lose sight of as leaders. Hardships in ministry, resistance to the gospel, or getting lost in administrative duties can diminish a once vibrant passion for Jesus and His mission. I’ve learned how crucial it is for my affections to constantly be stirred for Jesus; how crucial it is to grow in awe of the character and nature of God; how crucial it is to love the Scriptures and cling to them tightly; how crucial it is for my heart and mind to be continually transformed by the person and work of Jesus. Passion is contagious. And when our genuine, heart felt passion is for Jesus, it bleeds out to those God has given us to lead. 

3) Leading with Authenticity

A leader must be willing to be real, vulnerable, and authentic. By the power of the Holy Spirit, leaders must demonstrate the humility to let people see them in process, rather than only revealing moments of (perceived) perfection. Think about it: the people you are leading have weaknesses so the more you can show (not hide) YOUR weaknesses, the more they can see a real-life example of how the power of Christ is perfected in weakness. Leading with authenticity is powerful because it magnifies Jesus and causes others to fix their eyes on Him, not you.
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