One of the most consistent comments I hear from people is, “I’d love to find a mentor.” Now, what people mean by “mentor” varies, but it typically involves learning from someone who is ahead of them professionally, spiritually, or personally. And just as consistently as I hear, “I’d love to find a mentor”, I also hear “I can’t find anyone.”

So what’s the issue? Well, in many ways I think we overcomplicate the process and don’t take initiative. In light of that, here are 7 Simple Steps everyone can take to find (& keep) a mentor.

Step 1: Set Realistic Expectations (You’ll probably need a few people with different gifts & personalities, not one all-encompassing person. *This is the biggest mistake I see people make. They look for the perfect mentor, or someone they just “click with” right away. Then they give up when he or she doesn’t match up. You can learn at least something from anyone.) Step 2: Invite to Coffee (Not, “Will you be my mentor?”)Step 3: Buy Their Coffee (They may decline, but at least try)Step 4: Respect Their Time (1 hr-ish) Step 5: Come With Questions (Do your homework before… Check out their bio on social media or the website where they work, listen to their podcast if they have one. Come with specific questions and examples.Step 6: Thank Them (Again, you can learn at least something from anyone. Be sure and thank them for their time and their willingness to share their experiences, successes, and mistakes.) Step 7: Repeat
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