Sunday marked the beginning of Holy Week. Palm Sunday recalls the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem during the Passover. As he rode the colt of a donkey, crowds of people gathered around him like a victorious king returning from battle. Their voices proclaimed together, “Hosanna!”, that is “save us!”

The Gospels zoom in on the final week of Christ’s life and ministry. From his triumphant entrance to his humiliating execution to his victorious resurrection; this season urges us to slow down and recognize the cost of our salvation by the loving sacrifice of Jesus.

This is a time for reflection, a time for mourning and rejoicing. Each day this week you will see videos posted on our social media to help you meditate on the redeeming love of Jesus. At the Good Friday service, we will mourn our need for a savior together as we reflect on the suffering our sin caused Jesus. Then on Sunday morning, we will rejoice that Jesus rose from death to life and gives us the hope for new life.

We encourage you to join us at our services. If you are coming in person, consider moving for the mission and attending the 11:00am service to allow space for visitors at the 9:30am service.

You can register for Good Friday and Easter services at: