This was my favorite Easter since I’ve been a pastor. It was a joy to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus at PBC. Easter weekend is always a celebration, but we have a ton to commemorate this year. Love moved in extraordinary ways.

It was incredible seeing the joy on everyone’s faces gathering to worship, some of whom were worshipping at a church in-person for the first time in more than a year! We had 260 kids and adults join us this weekend. We celebrated 6 baptisms, including 2 spontaneous. And you were generous! Our Easter offering brought in a total $15,249.92 for Ohana. The founder of Ohana said this is the largest single gift they have ever received! You can learn more about Ohana and their new Mentorship program at

Easter is a celebration that promises hope to the hurting, but that hope goes beyond the weekend. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope for new life now and for eternity. As we celebrate what God did this weekend, let’s pray that God empowers us to Love Jesus, Live like Jesus, and Lead others to Jesus.


-Pastor A.C.