Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in Peoria, but went to church and school in Phoenix. I grew up at Palmcroft Church where I began to sense God’s nudging me towards ministry. Specifically, through seeing the life and heart change that occurred in my peers as they encountered Christ at youth group. 

After graduation from Northwest Christian School, I stayed in town and went to Grand Canyon University. I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. After graduation, I wanted to continue learning, so I went to Phoenix Seminary to pursue a Master’s Degree where I am currently just 3 classes away from completion! I also work as a Resident Director at GCU.

Tell us about your family
I am very fortunate to have been raised by an amazing mom and dad who both love and serve the Lord. They are both in education, so we spent a lot of time at school growing up. I have two younger sisters. Emma, just a little bit younger than me, is currently in Medical School at Liberty University and my youngest sister Destine is currently a junior in high school and aspiring to join the military after she graduates. 

What do you like to do for fun?
I greatly enjoy music. Unfortunately, I am unable to make music, but I love listening to music, going to concerts, and collecting vinyl records. I am always up for suggestions of who to listen to next! 

I also greatly enjoy coffee. My interest in coffee is somewhere between hobby and addiction. It has gotten so bad that I have started to roast my own beans. If you ever want to try some, let me know! 

My fiancee Chérie and I really enjoy hiking. We love to go on trails in town, but also love driving up North and hiking in and around Flagstaff and Sedona. It’s always a great day when we can hike with her golden doodle Phoenix too! 

What is your favorite part of work at the church?
I love creating spaces for Christian community to flourish. After spending time as a GCU Resident Assistant, as a summer camp counselor, going on mission trips, and serving as a College Pastor at Palmcroft Church, I noticed one common thread: we flourish when we are together and struggle when we are alone. 

I am excited to gather Young Adults and College Students together to be unified in the mission of loving Jesus, living like Jesus, and most specifically: LEADING OTHERS TO JESUS. We have the hope, peace, and promise of a relationship with Jesus Christ and I am excited for us to share this with a lost and dying world that is in desperate need of a Savior.