Broken People. Big God. [Week 5]
Joseph – Genesis 50:15-20
Have you ever had the thoughts “Is God really there for me?” or “Does God really have my best in mind?”
Have you ever gone through a situation, relational fracture, or series of events that has caused you to question God’s goodness in your life?
This week in our “Broken People. Big God.” series we’re taking a look at the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Joseph’s story takes place at the very end of the Bible’s very first book, where the people of Israel (God’s chosen people in the Old Testament) are, at this point, pretty much just one family with a lot of siblings and even more drama. If you’ve heard the story of Joseph before you might remember his famous technicolor sport coat or his ability to interpret dreams, but what we’re going to see in the life of Joseph is many of the things I believe many of us struggle with today, things that cause us to wonder about what God’s role is in the difficult situations of our lives.
This Sunday we’re going to look at three key instances in Joseph’s life where it’s very easy to imagine him having similar questions in his heart and mind to the ones we often have.
Joseph was:
  1. Betrayed (by his own family)
  2. Accused (falsely, because he did what was right)
  3. Forgotten (for years)
Can you relate to any of those situations? I know I can.
Even after all of that, we’ll see in Joseph’s story that God is big enough to work through immense brokenness to bring about his good purposes… even when it feels impossible.
Join me this Sunday as we dig into this story and see how God works for good, no matter what.
-Marko Susnjara, PBC Youth Director