Broken People. Big God. [Week 9]

Moses Exodus 5:1-9; 5:22-6:8

As we near the end of our series, one recurring theme we’ve clearly seen is the only perfect person God ever used in the bible was Jesus – everyone else was broken. The same is true today. Because of sin, you and I are broken people living in a broken world, and with that brokenness, comes pain. It’s unavoidable. So if we can’t avoid it, how do we process it? How do we not just survive it, but thrive through it?

In Week 9 of “Broken People. Big God.”, we will look at the life of Moses. And my guess is when you think of Moses, you think of movies. I know I do. Whether it’s the classic “Charlton Heston Moses” or more modern “Christian Bale Moses”, or one of my favorites, the animated “Prince of Egypt Moses”, most of these movies depict Moses as powerful. Examples include the powerful burning bush, the powerful plagues, and the powerful parting of the Red Sea. Yet, despite these powerful parts of Moses’ life, there were also deeply painful parts.

As we look at portions of Exodus 5 and 6, we’re going to learn about some of the pain Moses experienced and take away three key principles for our own lives:

1. Following God Doesn’t Make Pain Disappear; in Fact, it Often Turns Up the Volume.

2. The Presence of Pain Doesn’t Equal the Absence of God.

3. In Your Pain, Anchor in God’s Promises.

Read ahead and come ready to dive in!

– Tim Birdwell, Lead Pastor