Broken People. Big God. [Week 7]

A heart that is “wholly true to the LORD”. Would someone use those words to describe your affections? Or would they be more likely to describe you as someone who has a divided heart?

Solomon is one of the most intriguing men in scripture. When he was obeying God he did incredible things, but when he was disobeying he did awful horrible things. He started his life well, but then ended it poorly. The Bible describes him as having a “heart that was not wholly true to the LORD his God” (1 Ki. 11:4). Ultimately, his divided heart led to his ruin.

Solomon’s life exposes three signs that we too might have a divided heart that will lead to ruin.

  1. He was unable to separate from the godless culture
  2. He knew what he should do, but didn’t do it
  3. He was more concerned with advancing himself than advancing God

If you resonate with these signs and recognize your own tendency towards a divided heart that is not wholly true to the Lord, then join us this Sunday as we learn how Jesus unites our divided hearts and saves us.

– Shane Hawkins, Pastor of Adult Discipleship