Broken People. Big God. [Week 8]
Zacchaeus – Luke 19:1 – 10
Curiosity, scrutiny, and apathy. By the end of Jesus’ ministry, his presence had become a spectacle to see. As he entered a new place Jesus would gather crowds of people around him. For some, his reputation preceded him, and they couldn’t wait to see what great work of healing he might do. For others, they were well aware of “this rabbi’s” teaching and were ready to mark points of contention with the tradition. Certainly, many cared less about Jesus and were just engulfed in the chaotic crowds, the fervor of excitement itself being enticing.
Luke 19:3 (ESV): “And he was seeking to see who Jesus was…”
Zacchaeus found himself in the middle of such a crowd as Jesus entered Jericho. Curious about who Jesus was, Zacchaeus strained to get a glimpse of him as he walked by. But this tax collector could never have imagined Jesus picking him out of the crowd. This Sunday we will focus on the most significant moment in the life of Zacchaeus, as Jesus invites himself into his home and radically changes his heart through the grace of God.
As we study the passage, we will look at three responses to Christ’s act of love that continue to be temptations for us today:
  1. Skepticism
  2. Criticism
  3. Amnesia
Zacchaeus expresses the joy and repentance of a transformed heart in the presence of Jesus. How will you respond to his presence?
– A.C. Caswell, Executive Pastor