“Ask God Anything” [Week 1]
“God do you care?” | Habakkuk 1:1-11

“God, do you care?”, “God, do you know what’s best?”, “God, can I trust you?”

Have you ever had these questions? Even if you don’t always say them out loud, all of us have moments in our faith journey where we question God. If you haven’t yet, you will.

There’s an Old Testament prophet named Habakkuk who wrestled with these very same questions. Even though Habakkuk writes this about 600 B.C. he is wrestling with many of the same issues we encounter today – injustice, sin, and idolatry. Habakkuk is overwhelmed by all of the evil he is seeing in his nation of Judah and cannot comprehend why a good, sovereign God would seemingly not intervene.

As we launch into our series, “Ask God Anything” in Habakkuk, we see that questions aren’t off limits, in fact honesty about our questions can actually build intimacy with God. Wrestling with God can actually lead to worship unto God.

If you’ve ever had questions or are wrestling with some right now, join us on this journey through the book of Habakkuk. If you know others who have questions, this is a perfect time to invite a friend.

Read Habakkuk 1:1-11 before you come and pray with me that God would move mightily this Sunday.

– Tim Birdwell, Lead Pastor