“Ask God Anything” [Week 2]
“God, do you know what’s best?” | Habakkuk 1:12-2:20 (ESV)
Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d ask your parents a question, angling for a specific answer? And then, when the answer didn’t fit your liking, you would just rephrase the question a million different ways, relentlessly trying to get the answer you wanted in the first place?
This is what we see as we continue our study in Habakkuk. Our first week, we saw Habakkuk wrestling with a myriad of injustices in his nation of Judah, and basically crying out to the Lord, “Why won’t you do something?”. And yet, when God responds with what He is doing, Habakkuk essentially rephrases his questions, crying out again to the Lord, “Why don’t you do something different?”.
You see, God is working in the midst of Habakkuk’s wrestling, but His plan doesn’t seem like it will bring the results he was hoping for. God lays out the plan to Habakkuk – the Chaldeans (A.K.A. the Babylonians) will rise up to invade and “devour” the nation of Judah – but to Habakkuk, this plan seems like it will rain down more injustice, not rectify the existing injustice.
So what do we do when it seems like God’s plan isn’t best? How do we make sense of God when He doesn’t seem to make any sense?
This week, we’ll dive into Habakkuk 1:12-2:20 to see how Habakkuk continues to faithfully wrestle with these questions, and how we might do the same today.
This part of the series is going to be a difficult, but fun one! Read ahead, come prayed up, and invite a friend!
-Tim Birdwell, Lead Pastor