“Lies About Love” | Week 5
“I’m Better Off Alone” | Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

City life is consumed with striving, overworking, transience, and tribalism. You need to have the right jobs, take the right vacations, move to the right neighborhoods, and believe the right things if you want to succeed.

This mentality leaves people exhausted, isolated, and lonely. Maybe you feel the full weight of this reality, maybe you are just starting to notice the impact on your own life, but I am confident that we are all susceptible to these stresses of our culture.

But we were created for more than this. We are created for community. We were created to have deep and fulfilling connections with God and others.

This Sunday, we will dive into the core of what it means to be human, created for community, and the power of the gospel to unite us in relationships with others that satisfy our longing to be known. Friendships are meant to be enriching, encouraging, and energizing. Even when a friend challenges or corrects us, we can find joy if our relationship has the proper foundation.

See you Sunday!
– Pastor A.C. Caswell