“Lies About Love” | Week 10
“It’s My Money” | 1 Timothy 6:6-10

God doesn’t need our gifts. In Psalm 50:1-15, the people are offering God sacrifice after sacrifice. But God says, “The mere act of offering sacrifices to me isn’t what pleases me. Am I asking for bulls because I’m hungry?” Yet many of us continue to give God our money as if we’re obligated to because God needs us. God already owns all the cattle that the people are giving! (vs. 10) God already owns all the money that we offer him! It’s not ours! 

Why then does he call us to give? It’s because he wants us to be thankful. He wants our hearts to be generous and grateful hearts. Hearts that have a relationship with him where we obey his Word and he saves us (vs. 14-15). We give and he provides. When we recognize that all we have belongs to him already, we free ourselves to be generous and enter into that gracious and grateful relationship.

See you Sunday!
Shane Hawkins
Pastor of Adult Discipleship